Watch back: Launching our Australia in 2030 scenarios at the Sustainable Living Festival

Friday 12 March 2021

On Monday 22 February, CAHA ran Rewrite the Future: Possible Alternative Futures for Australia in 2030, a panel event as part of the National Sustainable Living Festival.

We were joined by leading climate and health experts:

  • Dr Sandro Demaio, CEO of VicHealth as facilitator;
  • Fiona Armstrong, CAHA director
  • Prof Kerry Arabena, Managing Director of Karabena Consulting and First 1000 Days Australia
  • Dr Arnagretta Hunter, Human Futures Fellow at ANU
  • Prof Melissa Haswell, Professor of Practice in Environmental Wellbeing at University of Sydney
  • Prof Tony Capon, Director of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute

The panel covered development of five alternative scenarios for Australia in 2030 and discussed the steps to get the future we want.

Through a series of roundtables in 2020 with 100+ thought leaders, we developed five possible alternative scenarios: no change, marginal change, maladaptive change, radical transformative change and an integrated scenario.

Which scenario will be best for our future? In this talk, we highlight the importance of tackling historical and social inequity, incorporating lessons and insights from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for land and ecosystem management, making our healthcare system preventive instead of reactive, driving innovation for low carbon technology and infrastructure, and investing in truly sustainable progress.

Check out the slides here.

Highlights reel

Full video

Screenshot of recording