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We are 100+ health sector organisations and 200+ individuals leading
action on climate to protect our health

  • We are

    Greening the health sector

    Resilient and sustainable health services are our best medicine to slow and protect from climate change

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    Leading on climate advocacy

    We're activating and upskilling the health sector to be powerful advocates for change

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    Speaking out to protect health

    Many people don't know that climate change is the biggest health threat of this century  we can fix that

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    Good policy for climate & health

    We are calling for national and global action on the health emergency

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    Why does #climatehealth matter?

    Why does #climatehealth matter?

    Health and wellbeing are fundamentally dependent on the health of the natural world.

    Climate change poses serious, increasing threats to our health, and the natural systems upon which our health depends.

    On the other hand, climate action is our greatest opportunity for better health and wellbeing.