Our People

We're powered by our members, donors, supporters and staff around Australia. Our board directors, committees of experts, and our dedicated team ensure that we work effectively to promote a healthy, regenerative and just future.


Our Board

Photo of Frances Peart
Frances Peart

President & Board Chair

Photo of Barb Vernon
Barb Vernon

Vice President &
Independent Director

Photo of Rajini Surendran
Rajini Surendran

Treasurer &
Independent Director

Photo of Leah Williams
Leah Williams

Assistant Treasurer,
Australian Psychological Society

Photo of Amanda Adrian
Amanda Adrian

Secretary &
Independent Director

Photo of Rebecca Patrick
Rebecca Patrick

Independent Director

Photo of Sophie Dwyer
Sophie Dwyer

Public Health Association of Australia

Photo of Lin Oke
Lin Oke

Friends of CAHA

Photo of David Zerman
David Zerman

Independent Director

Photo of Nandini Doreswamy
Nandini Doreswamy

Independent Director

Photo of Michelle Isles
Michelle Isles

Independent Director

Our Team

Photo of Roland Sapsford
Roland Sapsford

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Carol Behne
Carol Behne

Sustainable Healthcare Program Manager

Photo of Stefanie Carino
Stefanie Carino

Sustainable Healthcare Program Manager

Photo of Chelsea Hunnisett
Chelsea Hunnisett

Policy & Advocacy Specialist

Photo of Clare Walter
Clare Walter

Policy & Advocacy Specialist

Photo of Remy Shergill
Remy Shergill

Campaigns & Communications Manager

Photo of Sally Spalding
Sally Spalding

Media Specialist

Photo of Daragh Wallace
Daragh Wallace

Visual Communications Specialist

Photo of Maddy Braddon
Maddy Braddon

Fundraising Coordinator

Photo of Alex Brittan
Alex Brittan

Office Manager

Photo of Layla Humphreys
Layla Humphreys

Office Coordinator

Photo of Tricia Middel
Tricia Middel