Climate change is the biggest health challenge of the 21st century. But many Australians don't know it.


The good news is, when health voices speak, the public listens.

Health professionals are uniquely positioned to link climate change with people's lives, whether in our workplaces, with our families, in our communities, in the media and in decision-maker's offices.

If we help the public understand the health effects of climate change, they will create political demand for robust climate-health policies, and a sustainable, resilient healthcare system.

When health voices speak, the public listens

Most health professionals want to talk about climate and health, with the right support and training.


If you don't feel confident talking about climate change and health, you're not alone.  

Most health professionals don't know how to talk about climate change, but they want to learn.

We can help. Read our best practice climate-health communication guide.