Fiona Armstrong, CAHA founder, to step down from the team

Tuesday 05 September 2023

Fiona Armstrong will step down from the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) after more than 13 years of outstanding leadership and strategic work.

As founder of CAHA, Fiona has shown extraordinary vision, dedication and energy to overcome significant roadblocks to grow CAHA into the force that it has become. Under Fiona’s leadership, CAHA has achieved national and global recognition for its work and built a reputation as an industry-leading organisation positioned around evidence-based advocacy, strengthened by collaboration and a willingness to engage positively with stakeholders, policymakers and media.

Fiona saw an urgent need for action in the strategic government policy space as well as at the local practical level, showing wisdom and foresight. Fiona understood that as a collective, health-led organisation CAHA had the very real potential to advocate to all levels of government more effectively than any one group; or indeed almost any other sector of the community.

Many now credit Fiona with starting the national conversation about the very real impacts of climate change on health, which has become one of the most important conversations of our generation.

While the Board acknowledges the loss to the organisation, Fiona has embedded in all of us a passion and purpose that is the mainstay of CAHA. We look forward to seeing Fiona continue to lead and make a positive impact in her collaborative way as the CAHA Board and its staff carry forward the work of the organisation.

The Board congratulates and sincerely thanks Fiona for her outstanding leadership and contribution to make Australia more sustainable and resilient through action on climate change and health.

Fiona has decided to leave CAHA before travelling on an extended break. Fiona’s last day will be Friday 8 September.

On behalf of the Directors and CEO of the Climate and Health Alliance,


Frances Peart