CAHA welcomes stronger fuel efficiency standard, but disappointed by vehicle exclusions

CAHA welcomes today’s announcement by Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen on the Transport Sector’s new Fuel Efficiency Standards (FES) to come into effect from 2025. While health advocates have been calling for a stronger FES, this new blueprint for industry will reduce carbon emissions and subsequently reduce rates for asthma, neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions in Australia. 

CAHA CEO Michelle Isles said, “We thank the Albanese Government for collaborating with health and climate advocates to ensure this FES ensures new vehicles emit fewer dangerous air pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions. 

“Cleaning up new car exhausts is a key part of tackling a reduction in carbon emissions from car and truck pollution. We are however concerned that this legislation will not apply to all vehicles,” Ms Isles said.

“Re-categorising some domestic vehicles to light commercial vehicles and delaying the introduction of the policy and penalties does not account for the community impact of air pollution that will be generated in the interim.”

CAHA supports Australia’s commitments under the Paris Climate Accord; this legislation places Australia in the middle of other countries in our commitments, instead of last.

“This builds on our calls for a safer level of air quality Australia-wide and an increase in the manufacture of EV’s and hybrid’s to support a reduction in emissions.

“While our evidence shows there is no safe level of air pollution, better standards reduce air pollution and will put us on a path toward lower incidence of heart and lung disease, neurodegeneration and premature deaths.

Media contact: CEO, Michelle Isles is available for interview, please call Sally Spalding on 0401 184 986 to arrange a time