Australian Government signs public statement of collaboration with the USA and UK to decarbonise healthcare supply chains.

CAHA welcomes the Albanese Government’s signature yesterday on Earth Day 2024, in a collaboration with the United States and United Kingdom to decarbonise healthcare supply chains.

The health system is currently responsible for about seven percent of Australia's carbon emissions. Many medicines and health technologies used in Australia are imported from overseas. It is estimated that these global supply chains account for approximately 75 percent of Australia’s health sector's carbon footprint.

CEO of CAHA Michelle Isles said that after the release of the National Health and Climate Strategy at COP28, Australia signing a public statement of collaboration to align healthcare procurement requirements and accelerate the decarbonisation of global healthcare supply chains is tangible progress.

“We need to focus on creating a healthier supply chain and thereby address global impacts of healthcare,” Ms Isles said.

The initiative has been led by the National Health Service in England and the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and relevant agencies in Ireland and Norway.

Ms Isles said she welcomed Australia’s participation in two main areas of green procurement: getting suppliers to disclose their carbon emissions and setting targets for reducing emissions. Transparency assists decision making in healthcare settings and drives market transformation.

Ms Isles looks forward to making the link between international agreements formed and the sustainable procurement efforts being pursued by our members and through the Green Global Healthy Hospital program we support across Australia and New Zealand.  

Michelle Isles can be contacted for further comment on 0402 062 071.