Extreme heat health warnings for babies and pregnant mothers

While millions of Australians are bracing for extreme heat, with temperatures set to soar into the high 30s, the Climate and Health Alliance has warned that babies and pregnant mothers need extra special care in high temperatures.

Melburnians are bracing for their hottest day this year, with a predicted 38 degrees forecast for Sunday, and according to NSW GP, Dr Michelle Hamrosi new babies are especially vulnerable.

Dr Hamrosi said that looking after a baby during extreme heat takes a little planning, and a lot of patience. Dr Hamrosi suggested these practical tips.

  • Reduce your baby’s exposure to heat by closing windows, blinds and curtains early in the day, and keeping outside doors shut. If you live in a multi-storey building, stay downstairs where the air will be cooler
  • Air conditioning will keep you cool, but to save energy costs stay in one part of the house and close doors to the rest. This will make air conditioning more effective. 

“Especially make sure the room does not become too cold and ensure air flow from air conditioners or fans is not directly on your baby. 

“Babies have difficulty regulating their temperature in the cold, and their temperature can quickly drop,” she said.

In the event of a power blackout you should plan somewhere you could go, such as a public building. This could be a library, shopping centre or the home of a friend or relative. Some communities have “heat shelters”, where the vulnerable people can go during extreme heat. 


For more information contact Dr Michelle Hamrosi on 0403 012 311.