40+ health organisations: Fund the National Health & Climate Strategy now

Tuesday 05 March 2024

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Once again, a summer of extreme weather has placed Australia’s health and emergency services under immense pressure.

In Western Australia, ambulance call-outs spiked during record breaking extreme heat. In Victoria's deadly storms, emergency services were left without power or working communications for up to 48 hours. Doctors in New South Wales have called for more accessible cool shelters for their vulnerable patients. 

Experts have long warned that increased frequency and severity of climate disasters will put further pressure on essential health services. Our government must urgently address the need for a climate resilient health system, to protect the health of everyone living in Australia from the impacts of climate change.

In December 2023, the government announced the launch of Australia's first ever National Health and Climate Strategy. The ambition of this Strategy is to safeguard the health of current and future generations in the face of climate change. In order for this to be possible, it is essential we proactively prepare our health systems to cope with the devastating impacts of the climate crisis.

That's why 43 health organisations are now calling for the Commonwealth Government to commit to funding the National Health & Climate Strategy in the 2024/25 budget. Read the statement here

CAHA Policy and Advocacy Manager Chelsea Hunnisett has said that all over Australia, people are experiencing the health impacts of climate change. 

“The 2023/24 summer has been one of the angriest yet. WA has copped endless waves of extreme heat. Cyclones have hit Queensland, a deadly storm caused power outages and a death in Gippsland and bushfires have raged in Tasmania and Victoria.

“The health impacts of climate change are being felt today. It's crucial that the 2024/25 Commonwealth Budget allocates funding to the National Health and Climate Strategy to address this urgent need. 

"Today we are calling on the Commonwealth Government to prioritise funding the Department of Health to execute the actions in the National Health and Climate Strategy in this year's Commonwealth budget, as well as investing in preventive and population health infrastructure outside the health system that can prevent illness and save lives.

“The health of current and future generations depends on it.”

MEDIA: For more information contact Sally Spalding at 0401 184 986

Climate-health leaders are united in calling for the National Health & Climate Strategy to be funded


Philip Cornish

CEO, Climate and Health Alliance


Professor Kathryn Bowen

Deputy Director, Melbourne Climate Futures
IPCC Lead Author


Annie Butler

Federal Secretary, ANMF


Laureate Professor Nick Talley

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global Research at the University of Newcastle
Chair, Doctors for the Environment Australia


Adjunct Professor Terry Slevin

CEO, Public Health Association of Australia


Dr Zena Burgess

CEO, Australian Psychological Society


Professor Lynne Madden

Professor of Population & Planetary Health, University of Notre Dame Australia