Heat wave warnings across Australia

Wide-reaching heat wave warnings sweeping across Australia today and tomorrow are impacting central Western Australia, northern South Australia, southern Northern Territory, southern Queensland and New South Wales.

The Climate and Health Alliance has spokespeople in all of these areas who can speak to the health risks to people and impacts of potential flooding from low bearing weather systems.

Doctors say protecting the elderly and young babies in high temperatures is essential.

Dr Kim Loo, a Western-Sydney based GP and member of Doctors for the Environment Australia, said she is concerned about elderly patients being able to stay cool in the heat wave currently in NSW. She also points out the importance of parents caring for young babies in extreme heat and keeping them cool.

A heatwave plan needs to protect residents against heart attacks and include a plan to stay cool in extreme heat, as this is crucial to prevent water loss.

Dr Loo said residents need to drink plenty of cool or cold water

Other tips to keep cool:

  1. Stay cool and don't exercise and stay indoors
  2. Stay out of and away from hot cars. Do not leave anyone or any pets in a car for any reason
  3. Close curtains across windows to try to keep the house cool
  4. Take care of others and pets
  5. Have a plan for babies and check on elderly neighbours
  6. Access local libraries or shopping centres if you don’t have air conditioning 

Dr Loo said she was very pleased that Blacktown has heat shelters her patients could access today.

In Western Sydney Dr Loo can be reached on: 0404 384 518