Climate change affecting people's health here and now, says peak body

Wednesday 23 November 2022

In response to the 2022 State of the Climate report out today, the Climate and Health Alliance has called for urgent action and collaboration from all sectors of society to protect the health of Australians from climate change.

CEO Mr Roland Sapsford said, "The report paints a stark picture of Australia’s experience of climate change. Average temperatures have risen almost 1.5 degrees already and there are more extreme heat days. The risk of droughts, heavy rainfall and flash floods is growing steadily, and there is clear evidence of larger and more frequent fires in recent years. No part of this continent is immune.

"Climate change affects the health and wellbeing of all of us today. The health impacts of these changes, and the impacts of these changes on our health systems, are already profound and will grow dramatically over the next decade.

"Health impacts are felt most intensely by groups already facing major health challenges. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices need to be at the heart of how we face the coming storms. 

"Our best chance is to face the reality of climate change together: protecting those most at risk, building robust and resilient communities and health systems, and rapidly reducing our emissions to stave off an even worse future. Collaborative action in these three areas will deliver massive economic, social and environmental benefits to Australia. 

"The science is clear and the solutions exist. Climate action is good for our health and the time for action is now."

Media contact: Remy Shergill, [email protected], 0423 075 895