Experts available to speak on risks of extreme heat

As New South Wales experiences sweltering heat this week, health professionals are recommending all people living in Australia develop heat wave plans to protect their health.

The Climate and Health Alliance is warning Australians to treat heatwaves as seriously as bushfires, floods, and other disasters.

Medical experts are available for interview to provide advice on how to develop a heatwave plan and keep cool in this weather.

The combination of El Niño and climate change together is causing unprecedented hot weather across the country.

Extreme heat is Australia’s deadliest type of weather. It is crucial all people living in Australia have a heat plan to protect their health, particularly vulnerable populations, such as elderly Australians and those who work outdoors.

For comment, please contact:

GP Dr Michelle Hamrosi in Batemans Bay on 0403 012 311


GP Dr Kim Loo in Western Sydney on 0404 384 518