As a health professional, your voice matters. Become a member

Thursday 09 June 2022

In a few short weeks, the Australian political landscape has turned upside down.

Right now, we’re in the best position in a decade to advance action on climate, and protect health and well-being.

Progress won’t happen by itself. The Climate and Health Alliance is a credible and influential voice for climate-health action, representing 90+ health organisations and hundreds of individual members. Will you join us and strengthen our collective voice?


Become a CAHA member today and help build a powerful health sector movement for climate action.

A decade of respected work has earned CAHA the social licence to drive positive change. We work through collaboration and strategic engagement, using well-tested strategies guided by evidence. Our record of achievement is strong.

CAHA members:

  • have regular opportunities to connect with our climate-aware health network;
  • are updated on various climate-health topics, like elections, health policies and advocacy opportunities; and
  • give our Alliance the legitimacy and collective purpose it needs to make real change possible.

Climate change is a health emergency. As a health professional, your voice matters.

By joining CAHA, you’ll strengthen this collective health sector voice for climate action. Will you lend your support by joining CAHA as a member today?