Past attendees share their highlights from the Greening the Healthcare Sector forum

Wednesday 14 September 2022

We’re counting down the days until our annual sustainable healthcare forum, Greening the Healthcare Sector. Check out the program and buy your ticket!


People from all areas of the health sector have benefitted from attending our annual sustainable healthcare forum.

For Victoria, a manager in a state health department, a lightbulb went off when listening to Dr Peter Schneider from Queensland Health at the 2021 Forum.

Something resonated with me about his work with health services and climate risk management… I contacted him afterward, resulting in the sharing of information and ideas about our two governments' approaches."


Andrea, health service director, found a great solution to reduce her service’s plastic waste.

“I was inspired by all of the passionate presenters and time with like-minded people. There was a stall there that had a variety of sterile paper based products – dishes, bowls and so on – that were great for use in my department.”


Alison, assistant at a non-profit health organisation, was grateful to hear about embedding cultural safety at work.

Dr Janine Mohamed’s presentation really opened my eyes to how climate change is an ‘intensification of colonisation’ and how allyship and cultural safety is fundamental to any climate action.”

Check out the program – there’s something for everyone! If you want to know how your interests fit it, and whether this program is for you, get in touch.

We hope to see you in October! Buy your ticket now.