Can you take five minutes to support this sustainable healthcare module?

Thursday 26 January 2023

Great news! You can help make Australia's health services more sustainable and resilient in five minutes!

Right now, the federal government is seeking feedback on a new sustainable healthcare module. Can you take five minutes to show your support via a quick survey?

We've made it really easy with a short submission guideIf you'd like, you can copy and paste our answers, or use them as inspiration.

This new module, by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, aims to support the healthcare sector to create structures, processes and practices which:

♻️ Cut greenhouse gas emissions
♻️ Build resilience to future climate shocks
♻️ Reduce low value care
♻️ And more!

It's a great initiative! We need to show it's popular with health professionals. Can you take five minutes now to give your feedback?

Together, we can shift Australia's health sector to be zero emissions, environmentally sustainable and climate-resilient. Thank you!

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