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Both individuals and organisations can endorse this call from the health sector for urgent funding for the National Health and Climate Strategy

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In the face of more frequent, intense climate disasters, the Commonwealth Government must fulfil its promise of a healthy, climate resilient future.


In December 2023, the Commonwealth Government launched its first National Health & Climate Strategy. The health sector is now calling on the government to fund the Strategy in the 2024/25 Budget.

The health system must be capable of anticipating, responding to, adapting to and recovering from the stresses caused by extreme weather and climate disasters.

40+ health organisations have so far endorsed this public call for urgent funding. Add your name to strengthen the call.

Endorsing organisations

  1. Climate and Health Alliance
  2. Asthma Australia
  3. Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine
  4. Australian Association of Gerontology
  5. Australian College of Nursing
  6. Australian Counselling Association
  7. Australian Federation of Medical Women
  8. Australian Health Promotion Association
  9. Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association
  10. Australian Institute of Health Innovation
  11. Australian Lesbian Medical Association
  12. Australian Medical Students Association
  13. Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation
  14. Australian Podiatry Association
  15. Australian Primary Care Nurses Association
  16. Australian Psychological Society
  17. Children's Healthcare Australasia
  18. Climate Action Nurses
  19. Codesain
  20. cohealth
  21. Doctors for Nutrition
  22. Doctors for the Environment Australia
  23. Enriching Lives Psychology
  24. eWater Systems
  25. Friends of CAHA
  26. Griffith University Climate Action Beacon
  27. Health Services Union
  28. Healthy Connection For All
  29. Healthy Futures
  30. Indigenous Allied Health Australia
  31. National Rural Health Alliance
  32. Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia
  33. Occupational Therapy Australia
  34. Optometry Australia
  35. Orygen
  36. Psychology for a Safe Climate
  37. Public Health Association of Australia
  38. Second Chance Psychology
  39. Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health
  40. Sustainative
  41. WEHI
  42. Women's Health Goulburn North East
  43. Women's Healthcare Australasia
  44. Your Community Health