Watch the 2018 Climate and Health Symposium

Monday 01 October 2018

On September 21st 2018 we gathered at the Climate and Health Symposium in Melbourne to discuss the question: "Climate change is a health issue. What will it take to get action to respond?"  If you weren't able to attend the Symposium, watch the full event online. Hear the insights, knowledge and ideas shared at this event, and build a stronger understanding of current initiatives and opportunities for collaboration to inspire accelerated action to tackle this threat. 

The Climate and Health Alliance was proud to host this important Symposium, facilitating discussions and inspiring accelerated action. It included a series of ‘lightning talks’ on the latest policy, advocacy, research and communications on climate change and health, bringing together the leading minds from the health sector, local and state government, professional and industrial associations, not for profit organisations, research, academia, sustainable healthcare, environmental organisations and civil society.

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