How does your health service care for Country? Submissions open

Friday 16 September 2022

At the Greening the Healthcare Sector Forum 2022, we are hosting a Caring for Country showcase.


We will share and celebrate the ways in which health services are embedding Caring for Country in sustainable healthcare work!

Caring for Country refers to participating in activities on First Peoples' lands and seas with the objective of promoting ecological, spiritual, and human health.

Does your organisation care for Country?

We are looking for video submissions for the showcase. Submissions close 30 September.

This is your opportunity to showcase health service initiatives that embrace and incorporate Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori environmental stewardship values and knowledge into mainstream healthcare practices.

Some tips for your video

  • Write a few dot points to answer these questions
    • The aims and achievements of the initiative
    • The role of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori people in the initiative
    • How Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori knowledge or experiences were integrated into the initiative
    • Tips and lessons learned for other health services
  • Choose a quiet space and set up your phone/camera to film in landscape 
  • Speak directly to the camera or have a colleague ask questions for an interview style video
  • Send us the video and any supporting images
  • We will include close captioning, so please avoid any text on top of the video
  • Please reach out if we can help you to prepare your video: [email protected]

Here are good examples of caring for Country