New campaign to reduce single use plastic in healthcare

Single use plastic is harmful to our health and our environment  yet it's everywhere in our healthcare system.

This harm starts from the time plastic is produced.

98% of single use plastics are made from fossil fuels, driving climate change. Once used, these items are thrown out, creating pollution and waste. About one-third of a hospital's general waste is plastic. Less than 10% of plastic is recycled.

But innovative solutions are emerging around the world:


How to take action in your workplace

  1. Assemble a team of champions
    Check out this TRA2SH resource for tips

  2. Complete an audit
    Check out this Health Care Without Harm SEA resource on completing a plastic audit (here on page 18)

  3. Identify stakeholders e.g. infection control, procurement, OHS, support services

  4. Develop a plan and make your case
    GGHH members can download the Waste, Procurement and Chemicals guidance documents
    Check out these TRA2SH posters for reducing, reusing and recycling plastic items such as Blueys, PET, theatre caps, etc

  5. Run a trial, and keep records

  6. Evaluate your solution and change as needed (test and tweak)

  7. Celebrate your achievement!
    It is important to make the solutions visible! Share your experiences with us at [email protected]


Want more information?

Check out our fact sheet.

Fact sheet


Plus more resources from our partners


Together, we can reduce single use plastic in healthcare

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