GGHH Members meeting in Aotearoa New Zealand

Friday 14 April 2017

During the last week of February, five District Health Boards in the North Island of New Zealand came together to discuss regional priorities, challenges and projects, and work together in key areas. 

Member participants learned about GGHH and the resources and tools it provides to support the health sector in implementing environmental sustainability.

The group also participated in discussions to share their experiences and approaches to reducing their environmental footprint. Participating members included Auckland District Health Board, Waitemata District Health Board, Counties Manukau District Health Board, Northland District Health Board, and Capital and Coast District Health Board. During the meeting, members presented a snapshot of their successes, which included:

  • Counties Manukau DHB has opened an organic food store and organic coffee bar as part of a recent building refurbish with the involvement of the environment team.
  • Northland DHB has already introduced an electric vehicle shuttle for patients on its site and has approval to procure more electric vehicles to be introduced in its fleet.
  • Capital and Coast DHB is starting an electric bike pilot for staff to use during visits.
  • Waitemata DHB is doing a literature review of current best practice for environmental sustainability in healthcare buildings.
  • Auckland DHB is running monthly well-attended sustainability forums to connect/inspire people to take charge of environmental sustainability projects.