CAHA welcomes Federal Government's active transport fund

CAHA welcomes Federal Government’s Active Transport Fund 


CAHA CEO Michelle Isles said she welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement yesterday, that it will be investing $100 million for a national Active Transport Fund.

Ms Isles said funding for active transport is a preventative health measure and she is pleased to see it prioritised through national investment. 


“CAHA has championed a healthy transport fund for a decade and in 2023 launched a healthy transport campaign with members and allies from the health sector and the environment movement to disseminate health messaging around Australia’s transport system to the public,” Ms Isles said.  


“In October 2023 CAHA hosted the roundtable, Reducing car dependency for health and climate, offering the government ideas to transition the transport sectors towards more healthy, sustainable modes. 


“Traffic-related air pollution is known to cause asthma onset in children, lung cancer, Ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), stroke, diabetes, and adverse birth outcomes (premature birth and low birth weights). 


“Further research points to possible associations with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, a range of other cancers, cognitive decline in the elderly, and reduced cognitive development in children.


“Australian cities have led the way in providing urban spaces that emphasise walking and cycling, yet state and federal projects have not applied a health lens to decision making about roads that prioritise vehicles.” 


In Wales they have a dedicated Commissioner for Future Generations, who assesses the health and well-being impacts of infrastructure on future generations. Wales has had this model since 2016. 

The government’s proposal for an Active Transport Fund supports zero emissions travel, and will provide a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians, while also promoting active and liveable communities.

Ms Isles welcomed Minister King’s start date of 1 July, 2025.


"We look forward to further budget announcements that prioritise health and wellbeing of Australian communities; applying a health lens to policy decisions will achieve this outcome," she said.

Michelle Isles is available for further comment on 0402 062 071.