“Overdue” leadership on climate change and health welcomed by CAHA

Tuesday 06 September 2022

Australia’s peak climate-health body today congratulated federal parliamentarians for their leadership in addressing the health impacts of climate change on Australians.

The Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) welcomed last night’s climate and health motion by Dr Sophie Scamps MP. The motion recognised the health impacts of climate change in Australia, and called for detailed information on the time, consultation and scope of the Albanese Government’s promised national climate, health and wellbeing strategy.

Representing 90+ health and medical organisations, CAHA also extended congratulations to the Members for Canberra, Warringah, Higgins and Kooyong, who vocalised their support for such a national strategy.

The motion came after 40+ health and medical organisations gathered for the Better Futures Forum in Canberra yesterday to discuss an implementation plan for the national strategy.

“Our federal parliament has now joined our health sector in championing action to protect Australians’ health from climate change,” said Mr Roland Sapsford, CAHA CEO. “After a lost decade for climate action, climate-health leadership from our national politicians is overdue.

“As Dr Scamps noted, it is up to us all to ensure the National Strategy for Climate, Health and Wellbeing does not sit on a dusty shelf. We thank her for her advocacy, and the support of Labor and crossbench Members of Parliament during the debate on the motion.

“Similarly, we are delighted by Australian health leaders' joint support for key next steps in developing a strategy.”

The key priorities from Australia’s health leaders can be read in their joint statement here.

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