Communication guide: How to talk about climate and health

Friday 14 May 2021

We are delighted to launch our new guide, Real, Urgent and Now: Communicating the Health Impacts of Climate Change, a communication guide to empower health professionals to talk publicly about climate change and health.

Health is an effective way to talk about climate change to a diverse group of people, and health professionals are the best possible messenger. This guide is designed to help health professionals gain the skills and confidence to do this crucial work.

Cover of the new report

This guide is designed to support you to:

    • Speak with confidence about climate change and its health impacts with patients, clients, colleagues and communities
    • Take a leadership role in encouraging health services, clinics, hospitals, offices, and other health care facilities to be as environmentally sustainable as possible
    • Promote actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer health co-benefits, like walking, riding or using public transport instead of driving cars; shifting to a healthier, plant-based diet; or switching to renewable energy
    • Reduce your own carbon footprint
    • Advocate for climate action within personal, professional and community spheres
    • Join a growing cohort of health professionals who recognise their unique authority and responsibility to talk about climate change and health

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