Live now: Our 2019 climate-health scorecard

Monday 06 May 2019


The Climate and Health Alliance is pleased to announce the release of the Climate Health Scorecard ahead of the 2019 Federal Election.

CAHA has assessed the policies of the three main political parties in relation to those relevant to climate change and health, including their position on:

  1. support for a national strategy on climate change and health
  2. emissions reduction targets recommended by the national Climate Change Authority
  3. 100% renewable energy by 2030
  4. supporting a sustainable and climate resilient healthcare sector
  5. an economy-wide carbon price
  6. a national moratorium on new coal or gas
  7. a just transition for fossil fuel workers
  8. stronger air pollution laws

The results as follows:

  • Australian Labor Party scored 4.5/8
  • The Greens scored 8/8
  • The Liberal-National Coalition 0/8

The health impacts of climate change are the cause of deep concerns among health and medical professionals worldwide. The British Medical Journal and the World Health Organization Director General have both described climate change as a “health emergency” and the Medical Journal of Australia has said that inaction on climate change is “costing lives” in Australia.

CAHA Executive Director Fiona Armstrong said: “We welcome the leadership from the Australian Labor Party and The Greens, who have both committed to tackling the health impacts of climate change through a National Strategy on Climate Change and Health. The members of the Alliance hope the Liberals and Nationals don’t leave it too much longer to put themselves on the right side of history in developing policy to tackle this issue.”

CAHA’s membership includes over 30 health and medical groups, representing hundreds of thousands of nurses, midwives, doctors, public health, health promotion, rural and remote health, as well as schools of public health and research institutions and health services.