Register for the Climate, Health and Well-Being Discussion Forum

Monday 01 August 2016

Please join this important online virtual conference to discuss the key elements and priorities for a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-being for Australia, 13-21 August 2016.

The Climate, Health and Well-being Discussion Forum is hosted by the Climate and Health Alliance via the platform, which uses interactive technology to connect people and ideas across geographic boundaries.

This Discussion Forum offers participants the opportunity to come together to discuss the ideas proposed in the Discussion Paper: Towards a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-being for Australia.

The Forum will be held over a nine day period, including two weekends, with participants able to join the conversation as many times as they wish during the nine days.

Forum participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussion with experts in the fields of climate and health research, advocacy and policy, and ask questions, share concerns, respond to comments, propose ideas, and identify priorities.

Please join this important online 'virtual conference' to co-create solutions to “the defining issue for public health this century”.

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