Inside the Climate Change-Human Health conference

Monday 20 February 2017

The Climate Change-Human Health Conference held on 16th February 2017 highlighted some critical points for climate change and health

"Health is the human face of climate change" was a key statement that came out of last week's conference held in Atlanta, GA, USA. Health concerns provide a "here and now" urgency for the community, beyond 'tree-hugging' environmentalists, polar bears and the science debate. Studies show that the majority of the public has some level of concern about climate change.

Other key perspectives that emerged from the conference include the link between climate change and mental health, the dangers of current and future heatwaves, the impacts of vector-borne viruses, and allergies. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention provides factsheets and resources for download here. The full agenda and list of attendees at the conference can be found here.


Climate change and human health. (Source: CDC)