CAHA in Canberra

On October 14, CAHA had the pleasure of hosting the 2019 Climate and Health Symposium in Canberra as well as partnering with the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Climate Action to brief MPs, Senators and their staff on climate change and health.

The Climate and Health Symposium was focused around the theme 'The Health of Our Land and Our People.' The event was attended by more than 50 leaders from the health sector, professional and industrial associations, advocacy, research, academia, and civil society.

We were privileged to have four expert speakers including Dr Kathryn Bowen presenting on a 1.5 degree pathway, Dr Liz Hanna on heatwaves and health, Verity Morgan-Schmidt on farming and climate change, and Dr Ben Ewald on air pollution. 


Following the speakers there was an engaged discussion about the challenges, successes, and opportunities on climate change and health with the purpose to generate momentum to help accelerate coordinated and effective action. This was a great way to lead into an afternoon at Parliament House.

The Parliamentary briefing was an opportunity to present MPs, Senators and their staff with the facts on climate change and health. As the co-chair, Helen Haines MP facilitated the briefing, with more than 12 other MPs in the room, including Rebekha Sharkie MP, Zali Steggall MP, Adam Bandt MP, Ged Kearney MP, and Josh Burns MP.

There was great appetite among parliamentarians and their staffers for more information on climate change and health, and interest in using the health message to engage constituents in their electorates.