Out now: An Australian glossary for climate change and health

A shared climate and health language is key for effective cross-disciplinary research and collaboration. See how your vocabulary of key climate and health terminology fits within this recent Australian glossary.

Follow this link to view the glossary on climate and health for yourself, led by A/Prof Ying Zhang & Prof Lucie Rychetnik from the University of Sydney. The glossary, published in February 2021, strives to improve communication and common language for the broad community working towards improving climate and health goals within Australia. 

"Cross-disciplinary research and collaboration on health and climate change must be enhanced and supported to aid decision making for optimal adaptation and mitigation. An improved, shared understanding of the terminology used in the field enhances the capacity for effective collaboration. The glossary aims to support collaborations on health and climate change by facilitating communication in building cross-sectoral partnerships with research end-users and translating research outcomes into policies and practices in the Australian context."

The glossary has been targeted towards "researchers from various disciplines who need to collaborate to conduct multi-disciplinary research on health and climate change, and partners and end-users who need to understand and use that research to drive change (e.g. policy, business, and other decision makers)."