After the election: A message from our Executive Director

Monday 20 May 2019

Dear Friends,

Climate action is a long game. 

As we digest the news of the election result, I want to write and say thank-you to our amazing supporters, members, partners, and allies who have helped support CAHA’s work to highlight the links between health and climate change - and propose solutions to respond.


When I quit my job in health policy in 2010 to work for climate action, the links between health and climate change were little understood among health and medical leaders, clinicians, policymakers and parliamentarians.

Nine years on, CAHA has led the agenda on climate and health in Australia and across the world. 

The links between climate and health are now understood across the climate movement as a powerful message, and organisations, alliances, and initiatives have sprung up across the world to work on this issue.

Since 2016, we have led on policy development, conscious that, without the health sector’s support, guidance and encouragement, action to address health impacts of climate change would remain a gap in federal, state and territory policy.

We’ve achieved a lot in the last couple of years in particular: securing the support of two of the main political parties (ALP and The Greens) for climate and health policy. This election, five of the key cross benchers have also committed to supporting climate action to protect health: Zali Steggall, Helen Haines, Andrew Wilkie, Adam Bandt and Rebekha Sharkie.

We’ve gained the respect of many stakeholders, individuals, policymakers and politicians.

We’ve inspired action from state and territory governments on this issue, and are recognised as leading this agenda.

And our colleagues internationally are inspired by, and learning from, our efforts. 

This election is a set back for climate change and health in Australia - no question. 

But we are more determined than ever to drive this agenda, to encourage and support the largest workforce, in the largest sector, to become leaders in the battle to limit global warming, protect health, promote justice, and ensure a liveable planet for our children, their children and future generations.

Now more than ever we need your support. We are asking for you to make a financial contribution now so we can continue this vital work.

Our message is powerful. Our commitment is unwavering. We will not give up. We have no choice.

I’ve been heartened by the messages of support and thanks I’ve received today acknowledging our work.

Please support us to continue, and donate to CAHA now.

For Our Climate and Our Health.

With my deepest gratitude for your support.


On behalf of CAHA