December 6 is Transport Day at COP28.

The day will highlight solutions to transition to low carbon and resilient built environments and infrastructure, sustainable and circular waste systems, and sustainable mobility and freight. 


Everyone deserves to breathe clean air

In 2023, Australian health organisations are calling for cleaner air and safer transport infrastructure through the Healthy Transport campaign.


Evidence Review: Clearing the Air: Transport decarbonisation and our health

Climate and Health Alliance


This report is a high-level evidence review, providing insights on how best to decarbonise the transport system to achieve health co-benefits.

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Report: Toxic Transport: How our pollution laws are failing to protect our health

Environmental Defenders Office


This report finds that Australian governments are failing to properly set targets and monitor air pollution that meet WHO air quality guidelines. As a result, there is an absence of measures to effectively protect people from air pollution from transport. 

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"No safe level of air pollution": Health advocates join calls for a strong Fuel Efficiency Standard

Climate and Health Alliance


CAHA joins other transport advocates in recommending a starting Standard limit of 95 grams of CO₂ per kilometre – competitive with the European Union –  by mid-2024. They recommend the Standard tightens over time and reaches zero grams of CO₂ per kilometre (meaning 100% of new car sales are zero emissions) by no later than 2035. This will support Australia’s international commitments under the Paris Climate Accord.

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Healthy transport solutions are here, now

NHS Net Zero Travel and Transport Strategy

National Health Service England


This strategy describes the interventions and modelling underpinning NHS' sustainable mobility commitments, walking through each of the major components of the NHS fleet and the benefits to patients and staff. 

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Ambulance Victoria releases new emissions targets, aims for net zero by 2045

In 2021, Ambulance Victoria announced new steps for becoming a sustainable ambulance service, including reaching net zero emissions five years earlier than planned and increased emissions reduction targets for 2025 and 2030. 

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