Study and upskill



  • Australian Government Research Training Program PhD Scholarship at Melbourne Climate Futures
    MCF is pleased to offer three 2023 Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships to domestic students undertaking a PhD or joint PhD at the University of Melbourne. The scholarship is aimed at students undertaking collaborative research addressing the climate crisis. Applications due 30 June. More info

  • PhD Scholarship (Climate Change and Older Adults) at Edith Cowan University
    ECU is currently seeking expressions of interest to undertake doctoral research examining protective and risk factors for mental health concerns in older adults affected by climate change. This PhD scholarship includes a stipend of $33,000 per annum for the awardee. More info

  • PhD Scholarship (Climate Justice) at Edith Cowan University
    This scholarship provides funding to support a PhD candidate to explore knowledges, capacities and actions of the WA community service sector’s understanding of and engagement with the social justice impacts of climate change. This PhD scholarship includes a stipend of $33,000 per annum for the awardee. More info

  • Public Health Advocacy short course by the University of Canberra and Curtin University
    This short course is designed to build the skills and confidence of academics, public servants, public health professionals and anyone else who strives to improve in public health through effective advocacy. The course will be running from June 19-29 across eight nights from 6.30-8.30pm AEST. More info

  • Climate Care Program by Vets for Climate Action
    For our #OneHealth folks! Vets for Climate Actionhave developed an annual program to providing the tools and knowledge to successfully integrate environmentally sustainable solutions into day-to-day veterinary practice. More info

  • Free short course: Disaster resilience in community service organisations
    Charles Sturt University and OpenLearning have launched a free online self-paced course Disaster Resilience in Community Service Organisations, offering practical strategies to improve disaster preparedness in community service organisations. More info


  • Southeast Asia Climate and Health Responders Course
    This is the first-ever South East Asia Climate and Health Responder Course on 6-29 June 2023. This free course aims to equip healthcare practitioners and students, health systems planners, public health officials, and others interested in planetary health to prepare for the impact of climate change on health. More info

  • Climate Justice Squad Fellowship by TogetherForFuture
    Climate Justice Squad enables young climate activists to grow their impact and collaborate on a global scale, including cutting-edge training and mentoring, support to develop new projects or grow existing ones, a monthly stipend and financial support to travel to some key movement events. This fellowship is for anyone between 18-30 years who is part of an climate organisation, movement or grassroots group. Applications close 11 June. More info

  • Climate Change and Health Boot Camp at Columbia University
    The Climate Change and Health Boot Camp is a three-day intensive course (28-30 June 2023) that will prepare clinicians, scientists, and other members of the research, health, and public health communities for informed, effective engagement with climate change issues in their professional lives. More info