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November 27, 2020 at 5:00pm - 6pm




Jessica Rosien

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NT Climate & Health Group Meeting + Hear from NT Health Minister

Join us for a virtual meeting with the NT Health Minister from 5-6pm ACST on Friday, November 27!

Following the NT Election Briefing launched by a group of NT health professionals and supported by CAHA, we have invited the NT Health Minister Hon Natasha Fyles to speak briefly to this group about the commitments the NT government made on climate and health ahead of the election. 

The meeting will be online (details will be sent to registered participants) on Friday, November 27, from 5-6pm ACST with the following agenda: 

1. Meeting with NT Health Minister to hear from the Minister about government commitments on climate change and health (30 min) 

2. Discussion among group (without Minister) the future plan for this group (e.g. whether to continue as a loose group of NT health professionals with affiliation to CAHA, and what to focus on next) (30 min)

We look forward to you joining the meeting. 

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