Webinar: Global and National Climate Health Policy


As the global change negotiations resume in Marrakech, Morocco, please join us for a free webinar on Climate Change and Health Policy.

The webinar Global and National Climate and Health Policy: The Role of Health Organisations and Health Professionals will explore the findings of a Global Climate Change and Health Policy Survey Report and hear from experts who will discuss:

  • The role of public health and medical associations in engaging in advocacy on climate change and health.
  • Implications of the findings of this report - and what more needs to be done by nations to address the health impacts of climate change.
  • A communications perspective on climate and health policy - the importance of the health ‘story’ in global and national climate policy discussions. 

Speakers will include: Dr Nick Watts (Lancet Countdown 2030), Dr Anumitra Mirti (Global Climate and Health Policy Survey Report lead author), Dr Peter Orris (Chair, WFPHA Environmental Working Group) and Christian Teriete (co-coordinating the Global Strategic Communications Council for the European Climate Foundation). Facilitator: Fiona Armstrong (Executive Director, Climate and Health Alliance, Australia).


When: (Please check your time zone)
8:00 AM 15th November - Sydney (AEDT)
10:00 PM 14th November - Berlin (Central Europe Time)
3:00 PM 14th November - Chicago (US Central Time)
5:00 AM 15th November - Beijing, Manila, Singapore, Taipei​


Click here to register: https://hcwh.webex.com/hcwh/k2/j.php?MTID=td34b7a4ab05f660b2351f3e9c298cb4



About our speakers:


Anumitra Chand is the lead author of the WFPHA’s Global Climate Change and Health Policy Survey Report. She is an advocate for climate change and public health and a member of the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA). She has 15 years of experience in climate change adaptation, sustainability, resilience and project management. Her PhD focussed on enhancing hospital resilience to climate change related disasters. Anu currently works for Gosford City Council on its Resilient Cities Project, transforming cities to better anticipate climate change risks and vulnerabilities and maximising community health.



Professor Peter Orris is Professor and Chief of Occupational Medicine at University of Illinois at Chicago and Chair of the Environmental Working Group of WFPHA. Dr. Orris has served as advisor to WHO, PAHO, as well as Federal, State and Local Governments, environmental organizations, labor unions and corporations. He is an official liaison between the American Public Health Association and WFPHA.



Dr Nick Watts is Executive Director, The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change. He is the Director of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change. In addition, he has served the Department of Public Health and Environment of the World Health Organization since 2011, with distinction as a consultant for the department since 2013, and he has been a coordinator of the Global Climate and Health Alliance since 2013.



Christian Teriete is Network Director of European Climate Foundation. He is part of the ECF’s Strategic Communications unit; he is coordinating the activities of an international team of communications specialists. Prior to joining the ECF in 2016, Christian was working as the Communications Director of the Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA) – a network of more than 450 NGOs from all around the world.



Fiona Armstrong is the founder and Executive Director of the Climate and Health Alliance. She is a founding director of CLIMARTE: Arts for a Safe Climate, a Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development, and an Associate at Melbourne Sustainable Societies Institute. In 2015, Fiona was named by The Lancet as a global influencer on the issue of climate change and health. In2016, she was named one of Australia’s 100 Women of Influence by the Australian Financial Review / Westpac.


Program AEST:

8.00 am         Welcome and introductions (Fiona Armstrong)

8.05 am         Dr Anumitra Chand: Global Survey Report findings: Status of national climate change and health plans around the world

8.15 am         Professor Peter Orris: The role of the Public Health and Medical Associations in engaging in advocacy on climate change and health.

8.25 am         Dr Nick Watts: Implications of the findings - what more needs to be done by nations to address the health impacts of climate change.

8.35 am         Christian Teriete: A communications perspective on climate and health policy - the importance of the health story in global and national climate policy discussions.

8.45 an          Q & A

8.55 am         Closing remarks