Real, Urgent and Now (RUN)

Real, Urgent and Now: Communicating the health impacts of climate change (RUN) is a communications project being led by the Climate and Health Alliance, and supported by the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation (Melbourne) for two years (2020-2021).

This project aims to build capacity within the healthcare sector to understand and communicate the climate challenge and available solutions. 

Nurses, doctors and other health professionals are among the most trusted professions in society. The evidence from peer reviewed literature demonstrates health professionals are best placed to educate the community about the health impacts of climate change. 

However, health professionals’ self-assessed knowledge about climate change is low, although their willingness to learn more is high. This project will capitalise on this opportunity, by working with health professionals and groups, to build their knowledge and capacity to respond to and effectively communicate the health impacts of climate change. 

CAHA is working with partner organisations to survey health professionals to understand barriers and gaps that impact their ability to communicate effectively about climate change and health to a range of audiences. We will work with our project partners to develop and distribute communications materials on climate and health and bring health voices to the media to help inform the public and decision-makers. 

Our Project Partners include: Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Public Health Association of Australia, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Australian Medical Students Association, and Australian Health Promotion Association.

Our Knowledge Partners: CAHA is working with the Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub, Behaviour Works at Monash University and Sustainability Victoria as knowledge partners. These partners provide advice on communications materials, support program evaluation, and share research on climate and health communications to inform the project.

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