The Climate and Health Alliance welcomes ongoing support from volunteers. We require help with many aspects of our work, from updating the website, undertaking research, writing grant applications, or preparing our newsletter.

If you are interested in volunteering with CAHA, please complete the Volunteer Application Form here.

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CAHA Volunteers during National Volunteer Week, 2019

Volunteer Testimonials 

What have you learnt through volunteering with CAHA?

I've learnt a lot about advocacy and trying to enact policy changes. These are areas I hadn't previously been involved in and it's been great to see how they work and I have a better appreciation for the challenges faced in advocating for change. Volunteering at CAHA has also helped to give me a positive outlook in a time when a lot of the media surrounding climate change is negative and frightening. It's great to come into an office with enthusiastic and positive workmates and feel like what we're doing is helping make a difference to the cause.

- Eliza, Sustainable Healthcare Volunteer 

What have you learnt about climate change and health through volunteering with CAHA?

Almost everything I know about climate change and health comes from my time at CAHA! I am CAHA's digital communications volunteer, and schedule all the social media posts for CAHA. As part of this, I get to read lots and lots of media content, so everyday at CAHA I am learning new things and keeping up with the latest news on climate change and health.

- Emma, Digital Communications Volunteer

What would you say to someone thinking of volunteering with CAHA?

The goal that CAHA strives for might seem a bit daunting, perhaps you're not sure if YOU can make a difference. Volunteering at CAHA isn't about you individually making a difference, its lending your time and volunteering your skills to the people who know how to make a difference. Its a very supportive and amicable environment of people passionate about making a change. If you think climate and health is an important issue and think you have some skills that could help, please apply.

- Emajane, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Volunteer


If you are interested in volunteering with CAHA, please complete the Volunteer Application Form here.