Who we are

A group of health organisations and individuals who are committed to protecting people’s health from the adverse effects of climate change.

What we do

Build understanding about the health impacts of climate change to catalyse action to prevent catastrophic global warming.

Why we do it

We recognise that climate change is the greatest health threat of the 21st century and that urgent action on climate change is the greatest opportunity to improve public health in the 21st century (The Lancet, 2009 and 2015)

How we do it

We use scientifically based communications and evidence to promote the development of a zero-carbon Australian society. We educate and support politicians, policymakers, the public and the health sector to ensure the Australian community is resilient and ready to respond to climate change. We lead by example, supporting the health sector to move to healthy, sustainable, low carbon operations.


A healthy, resilient, fair global society using resources sustainably.


Integrity – we are honest in our actions in our statements; we respect others, and keep our commitments

Evidence – our work is based on scientific evidence, and we utilise and encourage research to guide our work Inclusiveness – we aim to engage a wide range of stakeholders in our work to ensure we are informed by a diversity of views and opinions

Commitment – we are unwavering in our commitment to achieve our goals

Collaboration – we recognise that our success depends on collaborating with others

Passion – we are determined to ensure all possible actions are taken to protect people’s health from climate change

Fairness – we abide by principles of social and environmental justice