Upcoming event: Habits and sustainable living

Wednesday 04 July 2012

If you don't understand habits, how can you hope to change them?

The challenges and opportunities of habits to encourage sustainable living

A seminar with Professor Bas Verplanken, University of Bath, England

In this seminar, one of the world's leading experts on habits”Professor Bas Verplanken”will discuss the importance of understanding habits when developing interventions to influence behaviour (with a particular focus on environmental sustainability). He will highlight how habits can be measured, broken and created, and will offer guidance on timing interventions at key "moments of change" when habits are particularly vulnerable. Bas will argue that habits can serve as barriers as well as opportunities, and should take centre stage in behaviour change interventions. About the speaker: Bas Verplanken is a professor of psychology and the head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath, England. He specialises in theory-informed applied research, with a particular emphasis on habits in the health, consumer and environmental behaviour fields. When: Tuesday, 24 July 2012 5.30 “ 6.30 pm Where: The 242 Telstra Conference Centre 242 Exhibition Street Melbourne Cost: This is a free public event. All welcome RSVP: [email protected] by 20 July 2012 CAHA members and supporters are encouraged to attend.