Talk to your friends and family

Most Australians care about climate change — but we tend not to talk about it.

They can feel isolated in their concern because we tend not to talk about it. But personal conversations can bring family and friends a long way in thinking and acting on climate.

Here are some great resources to help you to have effective and genuine conversations about climate and health with your friends and family.

Talking about climate and health

Our Campaigns and Communications Manager, Remy Shergill, presents on how health professionals can talk about climate change and health. This presentation is based on CAHA's communication guide. She goes through CAHA's '8 golden rules' for talking about climate and health, and where you can use these messages.


Having the conversation itself

How do we actually bring up the conversation? Plenty of research has been done on how to make these conversations work, and there's a simple formula:

  1. Ask an open-ended question
  2. Listen actively
  3. Tell your story: Why do you care about climate change?
  4. Finish with a positive vision

Conversation guide

Fact sheet on getting the
conversation started

Conversation Guide Cover

This evidence-based guide
 by Climate for Change and Climate Compass provides advice for starting these conversations with the people you know.

The guide also helps decide who is worth having these conversations with, and some helpful phrases to help move disengaged people.

This quick fact sheet by Together We Can Australia can also help guide a conversation about climate and health.

Once you've had the conversation, you can invite your peer to take action by sharing their story for the Together We Can movement.


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