Our Climate is Our Health Seminar

Monday 30 November 2015

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On the 19th of November, 2015 the 'Our Climate is Our Health' seminar in Melbourne brought together CAHA members and broader healthcare sector stakeholders to learn from one another on advocating for action on climate change, to strengthen relationships and build understanding between health and environment groups, and to work towards developing a collaborative national strategy on climate change and health “ with the goal of getting policy outcomes within two years. A full report from Our Climate is Our Health Seminar can be found here. Here is a run down of each session and link to their presentations:

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Leadership from the health sector Five by five plus Q and A This session will involve five brief presentations on examples of leadership from the medical community

  • John Iser, Doctors for the Environment Australia.
  • Dr Karen Kiang, from RACP on climate advocacy and divestment.
  • Pip Carew, Australian Nurses and Midwives (ANMF) Vic branch; how they are engaging their membership on climate change;
  • Peter Tait on PHAA's climate and energy work;
  • Terrona Ramsay, Kooweerup Regional Health Services.

    An international perspective

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What to expect from the Paris climate talks.

  • Erwin Jackson, The Climate Institute. 'Climate change, human health and the sustainable development goals'
  • Peter Sainsbury, Climate and Health Alliance.

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        Imagining 2030 as a healthy low carbon world: a thought experiment

It's 2030, and the world is firmly on a path to low carbon economies and societies. Governments across the world have introduced low carbon policies for energy and transport, zero carbon homes and buildings are commonplace, and many individuals and businesses now generate their own energy from the sun and the wind. The health of people was a key factor in motivating this shift. The advisory panel present today will describe how this happened, outline how different things are from 2015, and offer insights into the healthy future that lies ahead. Part thought experiment, part Q&A, this panel of guest will interact with the audience to collaborate on ideas, consider evidence and dream alternative futures. Panellists included:

  • Grant Blashki, Nossal Institute
  • David Holmgren, Vision for energy descent
  • Susie Burke, Australian Psychological Society
  • Matthew Wright, Zero Emissions Australia
  • Monique Conheady, Chair of Moreland Energy Foundation, founded Flexicar

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Here is a snapshot of images from the day: