BREAKING: Our chance for better climate coverage

Nine Publishing, the new owners of the Age and Sydney Morning Herald, has just cancelled its climate advertising feature after we went public that they were asking non-profits like us to pay for climate coverage, instead of adequately covering the biggest threat our health and society has ever faced. [1]

Right now Nine is feeling immense public pressure to cover the climate crisis properly -- so this is our chance to get them to commit to more and better climate coverage. Can you sign our petition calling on Nine to join the Covering Climate Now initiative and do just that?


[1] Nine has last-minute change of heart over climate advertorial, The Guardian, Friday 11 October

Nine Publishing: please join the Guardian, Croakey and 350+ media outlets globally and commit to more and better coverage of the climate crisis by signing up to Covering Climate Now.

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Geoff Browne
Gordon Curtis
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Stormie de Groot
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Allison Arnott
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