Ongoing hazardous air pollution exposes need for whole of govt response to protect health

People continuing to work, exercise and move around outdoors without appropriate protection during 'hazardous' levels of air pollution from bushfire smoke exposes the need for governments to do more to protect people's health, the Climate and Health Alliance has said today.

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Bushfire smoke factsheet - CAR

As bushfires continue, the exposure of communities to smoke has become unprecedented. This evidence-based factsheet developed by the Centre for Air pollution, energy and health research outlines what the health impacts are to bushfire smoke, which groups are most vulnerable, what we can do to minimise exposure and why climate change is needed now.

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Government response to devastating bushfires must include urgent and real action on climate change

With communities across Australia continuing to reel from ongoing catastrophic bushfires and deadly heatwaves, the Climate and Health Alliance today has called on the Federal and State governments to work together to act on climate change in order to help protect people’s health.

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Joint Statement: air pollution in NSW is a public health emergency.

28 health and medical groups have released a joint statement calling on the Federal and NSW governments to respond to the public health emergency in NSW created by the ongoing air pollution from bushfire smoke.

NSW air pollution is a public health emergency

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Eco-Anxiety: Ingrid Johnston

One of the most interesting and practical take-aways from COP25 has been the issue of eco-anxiety. It’s a term I had heard before, but frankly had dismissed as being a bit fringe and unnecessary. Having spent a week at COP, I have completely changed my mind. 


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Update from #COP25: Ingrid Johnston

It's been a huge day here at COP25. This morning, there was a session with Greta, which culminated in a surprise occupation of the stage by the Fridays For Futures young people. It was peaceful and inspiring as they sang and chanted. Security descended quickly, and tried in vein to convince them to just leave straight away. They then tried to convince the audience to leave but that didn't work either. 

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Sydney air pollution calls for people to protect their health & politicians to act on climate: Climate and Health Alliance

With 'hazardous' air pollution from bushfire smoke blanketing Sydney, Executive Director of the Climate and Health Alliance Fiona Armstrong today called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to act swiftly to reduce emissions to help protect our climate and our health.

View from a Sydney office on Tues 10 Dec 2019

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First impressions of #COP25: Ingrid Johnston

This is my first COP, and I have been very excited to be coming- it's such a privilege to be here. Hoping to feel uplifted by hearing about all the great actions being taken around the world to address climate change. Hoping that by leaving Australia, I would be able to feel that, and hear these things. Hoping that there would be an energy and buzz from being surrounded by like minded people wanting action, and making it happen.


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Kicking-off #COP25: Milly Burgess

I feel very privileged to be a part of the Climate and Health Alliance's delegation to this year's UN climate talks, COP25, in Madrid. As a first timer to the conference, the experience can be overwhelming, yet there is a strong sense of community and camaraderie among the international health delegation attending the COP -- with everyone helping to guide each other through the daily briefings, events, media and actions.

Milly Burgess has arrived to #COP25

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CAHA Delegation at UN Climate Talks

Climate and Health Alliance is proud to announce its' 2019 delegation to UNFCCC COP25 in Madrid, Spain, to advocate for health in the global climate negotiations.


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