Lots of prescriptions issued at Climate and Health Clinic

Thursday 01 March 2012

The Climate and Health Alliance along with Koowerup Regional Health Service recently initiated a Climate and Health Clinic - a two day event run as part of the Melbourne Sustainability Festival. With the help of more than 20 fabulous volunteers, the Clinic offered 'climate and health checks' to hundreds of festival-goers, and those who wished to could have their own prescription for 'climate and health'. The prescriptions acted as a checklist to assist people identify actions that they could take in their own lives that would cut emissions and improve their own and/or population health at the same time. Download Your Prescription for a Healthy Life and Healthy Planet - or even better, print some out and offer them to friends, family or patients. The popup clinic idea and the prescriptions offer a great health promotion tool to use the health 'frame' to talk about climate change, and help raise awareness of the health benefits associated with cutting emissions - a WIN! WIN! situation. Want to know more? View a couple of our videos from the event! What CAHA lacks in professional media resources, it makes up for in enthusiasm - so excuse the quality, but we hope you get the idea!