Healthy, Regenerative & Just: Our vision for a better future

Healthy, Regenerative and Just. That’s our vision. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented social, economic and cultural disruption across the globe, there is another global health crisis that poses a much greater threat to public health, human society, and our national and global economy -- climate change.

We cannot afford to delay action any longer. We must prioritise climate action for our health, our ecosystems, and our society.
Cover of Healthy, Regenerative and Just agenda policy

With input from 100+ experts across different fields, we have developed this new policy agenda for a Healthy, Regenerative and Just future.

This future is one in which we prioritise planetary health (Healthy) and the protection of ecosystems and earth systems on which our health depends (Regenerative), along with a culture of cooperation for collective benefit (that’s ‘Just’).

Building political support for this agenda requires a strong indication that health sector leaders support a future that is Healthy, Regenerative and Just.

30 organisations have already declared their support for this agenda. Will you join them? 

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