Global Green & Healthy Hospitals

Imagine a world where health services and organisations worked together for a more sustainable and healthy future…


The Global Green and Healthy Hospital (GGHH) network is a free, vibrant international community of hospitals, health facilities, health systems and health organizations, dedicated to reducing their ecological footprint and promoting public and environmental health. The network connects and supports people leading the environmental agenda in healthcare institutions so they can share best practices and find solutions to common challenges.

Health institutions who are commited to reducing their environmental impact are invited to become GGHH members.



What does membership mean?

GGHH is based around an agenda of 10 interconnected goal areas. These goals are further outlined in the GGHH Agenda:

  • LEADERSHIP: Prioritise environmental health
  • CHEMICALS: Substitute harmful chemicals with safer alternatives
  • WASTE: Reduce, treat and safely dispose of healthcare waste
  • ENERGY: Implement energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy generation
  • WATER: Reduce hospital water consumption and supply potable water
  • TRANSPORTATION: Improve transportation strategies for patients and staff
  • FOOD: Purchase and serve sustainably grown, healthy food
  • PHARMACEUTICALS: Safely manage and dispose of pharmaceuticals
  • BUILDINGS: Support green and healthy hospital design and construction
  • PURCHASING: Buy safer and more sustainable products and materials

Joining GGHH provides:

  • access to a network of sustainable healthcare peers
  • resources developed specifically for sustainable healthcare
  • opportunities to promote your health service's environmental successes and be recognised internationally through awards programs, such as the Healthcare Climate Challenge

GGHH membership demonstrates that your health institution is committed to protecting the environment and providing a safe and healthy planet for your community.

How do I join?

Membership is open to:

  • Hospitals – Low, medium and High complexity 
  • Health care facilities (I.e. Community health centers; primary care facilities)
  • Health system members (private, public, private for charity)
  • Health, professional and academic organisations members

Become a GGHH member by completing a letter of intent indicating your support for the GGHH Agenda and a commitment to working towards two Goals. Letter templates and further instructions are available here.

Individuals seeking to encourage employers or member organisations to join the network can contact GGHH Pacific at [email protected]

About the GGHH network in the Pacific Region (Australia and New Zealand)

The GGHH network is an initiative of the Climate and Health Alliance’s (CAHA) international partner and affiliate, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH). Through a grant from HCWH, CAHA coordinates the network in the Pacific region (Australia and New Zealand).

A GGHH Pacific Region summary document is available here.

These two case studies from Pacific Network members, are an example of some of the many resources available through the GGHH network. More case studies from the Pacific Network, as well as international members, can be found here.

Learn more about how members are working to improve sustainability by viewing a list of member's environmental sustainability plans and strategies here.

CAHA regularly hold sustainable healthcare events, including an annual Greening the Healthcare Sector Forum. Read more about past events here.

As of June 2021, there are 111 GGHH members in the Pacific region, representing over 1,823 hospitals and health services.

GGHH Pacific region members include: 


New South Wales

South Australia

Northern Territory



Western Australia

Australian Capital Territory 


New Zealand





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