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2019 Greening the Healthcare Sector Forum

Hosted by Western Health, Climate and Health Alliance and the Institute for Healthcare Engineering Australia

The forum focused on the big picture changes are needed within our healthcare system to address climate change and environmental sustainability, as well as what can be done in individual hospitals and health services to reduce healthcare’s environmental impacts.

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Presentations Monday 23 September:

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) technology in healthcare
Marcus Wearing-Smith, National General Manager, Direct Energy Australia
Maxime Ploumis  Renewable Energy & Environmental Engineer, Direct Energy Australia
Slides available here

Wellness and environmental sustainability in healthcare buildings
Garrit Schot, Director, Cundall Consulting
Slides available here

Delivering the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2018-19 to 2022-23
Tiernan Humphries, Manager Environmental Sustainability, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and Building Authority
Slides available here

Energy and Water Planning
Michael Wheelahan, Environmental Consultant and Director, Proud Mary Consulting
Slides available here

Reverse Osmosis and AS4187 Sterilisation Standard
Sven Denton, Principle Consultant, AquaKlar Analytical Services
Slides available here

Sponsor Presentation – Ecosave Australia and New Zealand
Mark Krywienko, Account Director, Ecosave Australia and New Zealand

Australian Report Launch - Health care’s climate footprint: How the health sector contributes to the global climate crisis and opportunities for action
Joan Ko, Associate, Arup
Slides available here
Download the report here

Healthcare Climate Challenge
Carol Behne, Sustainable Healthcare Program Manager, Climate and Health Alliance
Slides available here
Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Pacific Region Overview

The carbon footprint of Australian healthcare
Dr Forbes McGain PhD, Researcher, Western Health
Slides available here

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of Pathology Testing
Scott McAllister, Researcher
Slides available here

Social Procurement Framework
Mary Ann Xavier, Social Procurement Project Officer, Health Purchasing Victoria
Slides available here

Global Green and Healthy Hospital Member Case Study – Developing an Organisation-wide Environmental Strategy
Monika Page, Sustainability Manager, Melbourne Health
Slides available here


Presentations Tuesday 24 September:

Greening the Pharmacy - A case study
Grace Wong, Pharmacist, Western Health, Founder of Pharmacists for the Environment (PEA)
Slides available here

Health and Climate Change – do people connect these two issues?
Dianna McDonald, Social Research Lead, Sustainability Victoria
Slides available here

Practitioner attitudes to environmental sustainability in general practice
Kathleen Wild, University of Newcastle
Slides available here

Developing a Social and Environmental Responsibility Framework and Action Plan at Ambulance Victoria
Sally Mangan, Director Sustainability, Ambulance Victoria
Slides available here

Repower Health: Growing solar power on health services
Harry Jennens, Co-ordinator and Daniel Zelcer, Head of Renewable Projects, Healthy Futures
Slides available here

Sponsor Presentation – Veolia Australia
Tim Lee, Business Development Manager – Healthcare, Veolia
Watch Veolia - Solutions for Healthcare Industry here

Waste Management in Healthcare: Using Education to Create Change
Rachel McConville, Waste Education Officer, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and Building Authority
Slides available here

Global Green and Healthy Hospital Member Case Study – Recycling Bed Curtains
Cindy Bird, Waste Officer, Bendigo Health
Slides available here

Recycling in ED: Easy as 1,2,3
Chelsea McGuinn, Emergency Department Nurse
Slides available here

Envision Hands Project
Kate Murray, Royal Australian Eye and Ear Hospital Victoria (RAEEHV) and Sean Teer, Envision Hands Project
Slides available here
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Prior events:

2018 Healthy Hospitals Healthy Planet Forum, 21-22 May 

Hosted by Western Health, Climate and Health Alliance and the Institute for Healthcare Engineering Australia

CAHA partnered with two GGHH members, Western Health (WH) and the Institute of Healthcare Engineering Australia (IHEA) to deliver the second annual two-day health and environmental sustainability forum in May 2018. WH and IHEA are members of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network. The Forum featured founder Director of the Sustainable Development Unit at the National Health Service (NHS), Dr David Pencheon, as the keynote speaker.

Day one focused on environmental sustainability in building design solutions and day two showcased policy, current research and case study presentations. The forum provided opportunities for collaboration, networking and information exchanges. At the end of Day two, attendees were given an opportunity to 'pitch' their project, with PhD candidate Scott McAllister winning $1,000 from sponsor Daniels Health as seed funding for his plan to conduct a lifecycle analysis of medical products.

Over 60 people attended the forum. Attendees came from diverse health and environmental sustainability backgrounds including nurses, doctors, sustainability officers and managers, research assistants, pharmacists, academics, construction managers, project managers, state government representatives, students, supplier representatives, industry consultants, health promotion staff, business development staff, as well operational staff, senior management and executive directors. Sponsorship for the Forum was provided by ShineOn, Invisible Systems, Baxter, Ecosave and Medline.

Download a Summary Report from the Forum here.

2017 Healthcare Environmental Sustainability Forum, 1-2 June 2017

Hosted by the Institute for Healthcare Engineering Australia, Western Health and the Climate and Health Alliance, and supported by the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association

This Forum provided an opportunity for people from diverse health backgrounds to learn, network and collaborate, and ultimately to further our environmental sustainability in healthcare work. The two days provided a mix of presentations, research, innovation and case studies, culminating in a panel discussion focused on pertinent topic issues. 

Please click here for the forum report. Speakers' presentations can be found below. Video recordings, where available, will be uploaded shortly.

Day one addressed the rising cost of energy, offering alternative energy technologies, energy efficiency, and innovative solutions for healthcare. 


Ben Skinner, Australian Energy Market Operator: The Future of Energy Prices and Supply Security Click here for presentation.

Tiernan Humphrys, Department of Health and Human Services: Driving Energy Efficiency and Performance in the Health System  Click here for presentation.

Craig Marshall, Focus Energy: Energy Efficiency, Building Tuning and the BMS

Andrew Ostoja, Ecosave Consulting: Alternate Power Systems for Healthcare

Andrew Pintar, GreenLand Systems: Solar Thermal Collectors for Heating Hot Water Generation

Emma Jacobs, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning: VEET - Make it Work for You

Richard Keech, Beyond Zero Emissions: The Gas Free Hospital

Day two focused on local action and environmental change in the healthcare environment, waste minimisation and behaviour change.


Fiona Armstrong, CAHA: A National Strategy for Climate, Health and Well-being for Australia

Carol Behne, CAHA: Global Green and Health Hospitals Pacific Region Update

Scott Slotterback, Health Care Without Harm: Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare Practices Around the World - Examples from international GGHH network members

Catherine O'Shea, Western Health: Local Sustainability Actions Plans at Western Health

Ngaire McGaw, Mater Health Services: Space for Waste and Steps Towards Sustainable Clinical Models - GGHH inspired progress

Frank Megans, Kooweerup Regional Health Service: Green Sustainable Futures - a Small Rural Health Service Approach

Anthea White, Melbourne Health: Sustainability Initiatives at Coburg Dialysis Unit, Melbourne Health

Grace Wong, Western Health: Greening the Pharmacy

Mark Boulet, BehaviourWorks: Behaviour Change for Environmental Sustainability
Access the paper Mark referenced by Michie et al. The behaviour change wheel: A new method for characterising and designing behaviour change interventions here.

Environmental Research Presentations: 

Dr Forbes McGain, Western Health: The Financial and Environmental Costs of Reusable and Single Use Anaesthetic Equipment

Dr Forbes McGain, Western Health: The Environmental Footprint of Morphine

Ron Lau, Western Health: The Environmental Footprint of Septic Shock Patients in the ICU

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