Federal Election 2019

2019 Federal Election - the climate election

This federal election health professionals and others working in the sector have the opportunity to influence candidates on the issue of climate change, health and well-being.

We invite all our supporters to contact their local candidates and either email or visit them to let them know that climate change is and will affect Australians health and that, conversely, climate action is a win for both people's health and in reducing the economic burden of ill-health associated with climate change.

Open Letter to all parliamentarians and candidates

Nearly 50 health and civil society organisations and 20 scientists and health leaders have signed an Open Letter to all candidates calling for effective action on climate change for the health of the community.

Download the Letter here.

We encourage all those voting in this election to deliver the letter to your local candidates.

Please also share the Open Letter in your workplace, local community and on social media.

Check out our video calling for climate action for the sake of the health of all Australians.

You have an important voice 

This election tell your local MP or Senator that climate change is affecting the health of your clients and patients and the health of the community, and that you want action from the next government.

Talk to your colleagues, family and friends about the impacts of climate change on health and invite them to join the Our Climate Our Health Campaign and to support the campaign by emailing their local member, donating and following us on Facebook and Twitter.

We'll keep you up to date on policy announcements

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our email list for more information about the campaign and, if you haven't already, join the Our Climate Our Health Campaign for a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-being for Australia so we can keep you up to date on announcements and actions.

Federal Labor have committed to introducing a National Strategy based on the Framework for a National Strategy on Climate, Health and Well-being for Australia if elected to govern. The Australian Greens also support a National Strategy. We are calling on the Liberal National Coalition to make a similar commitment.