Divest your money

Many Australian banks and superfunds invest in fossil fuel projects. So take your money away from them!

If your money is in a bank or a superannuation fund which invests in fossil fuels, your money is being used to prop up a polluting and unhealthy industry which is on the way out.

Moving your money out of these institutions means:

  • Your money will be used in a more ethical manner
  • You're sending a market signal to these institutions that they will lose customers if they do not change their policies.

As of June 2020, institutions managing more than US$14 trillion have committed to divest, while more than 58,000 individuals have registered divestment commitments of $5.2 billion. To learn more about the history and power of divestment, check out this Market Forces' summary.

How to divest your money in the bank


  1. Use this table to find out if your bank invests in fossil fuels
  2. If your bank does invest in fossil fuels, check out the banks which do not using the same table as in Step 1
  3. To change banks, follow this step-by-step guide by Market Forces.

Step by step guide to divestment

How to divest your superannuation money

Easy peasy!

  1. Use this table to find out if your super fund invests in fossil fuels
  2. If they do, look at the super funds marked ‘Comprehensive’ — these have no exposure to any fossil fuel projects
  3. Switch! Whichever super fund you choose will have instructions on their website

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