Sign the petition: Call for stronger air pollution standards to protect our health

Later this year, Australian Environment Ministers will decide on new air pollution standards for three dangerous pollutants connected to the burning of fossil fuels: nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone.

These pollutants can have harmful effects on people’s health -- even at levels well below Australia’s current standards.

We need strong, health-based air pollution standards to reduce the harm to people’s health these pollutants cause, and to accelerate the transition away from dirty fossil fuels to clean, safer technologies. 

This is our chance to secure stronger air pollution standards. Will you sign the petition asking all Australian Environment Ministers to cut air pollution and protect our health by supporting stronger standards?

For more information on the standards we're calling for, read this Expert Position Statement from health and environment groups

To all Australian Environment Ministers: please support stronger air pollution standards to protect our climate and our health. 

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