CAHA Public Seminar: Protecting Health from Climate Change

Sunday 30 November 2014

Protecting health from climate change: what's needed? Held at the University of NSW in Sydney on the 25th November 2014, this public seminar revealed the extent to which the health of local and global communities is increasingly threatened by climate change. It featured expert speakers on climate and health, policy shortfalls, technological and political solutions and the role of divestment in limiting national and global emissions. If you missed out on this event you can watch videos of each of the presentations below: - Prof Melissa Haswell: Re-aligning our relationship with the environment in policy and decision making - Prof Lesley Hughes: Climate change and human health - Prof Mark Diesendorf: Replacing fossil fuels with renewables- what's possible? - Trevor Thomas: Strategies to constrain growth in emissions - divestment - Prof Peter Sainsbury: Reports from the 2014 WHO Health & Climate Conference & 2014 UN Climate Summit