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Tuesday 14 December 2010

CAHA in the media

Recent articles in the media featuring, authored, or co-authored by CAHA and its people include:


How's our health? - Beyond Zero Emissions Radio (with Peter Sainsbury and Fiona Armstrong) Health concerns raised at meeting - Singleton Argus Living With Coal €“ The Health Impacts (interview with Dr Peter Tait) Radio Adelaide Letter to the editor - Maitland Mercury Climate and Health Alliance report: What are the health costs from coal mining? (Interview with Assoc Prof Peter Sainsbury) - FBI Radio Backchat How coal devastates health in the Hunter Valley - Green Left Weekly Revealed: Major new coal mines planned for the Upper Hunter - Sydney Morning Herald Our health at risk: Alliance - Muswellbrook Chronicle Experts speak out on Hunter coal industry's massive footprint (with infographic) - The Fifth Estate OPINION: Costs of coal are too high (Fiona Armstrong) - Newcastle Herald New report claims coal mining a public health burden - Hunter Valley News A prescription for global public health: no more coal (Liz Hanna and Peter Sainsbury) - ABC Environment Online Calls for Australia to commission research into impacts of coal - ABC Online Australia's Hunter Valley coal's health bill more than $460m a year - Hunter Valley coal's annual health bill USD 600 million (Dr. Hanna) - Coal and Steel Guru Our 47m health bill - Singleton Argus Hunter coal health cost 600m a year - Herald Sun The Courier Mail The Australian Business Spectator The Daily Telegraph Coal health burden hits 600m - Medical Observer ABC TV News (with Premier Mike Baird) ABC Radio New and Online ABC RN Life Matters (Bob Massie, mentions €œfascinating€� report) NSW urged to ban new coal mines in the Hunter Valley on health and climate grounds - Guardian Australia Sydney Morning Herald (page 7) ABC Radio National Breakfast (Host Fran Kelly interviews report author Fiona Armstrong) Newcastle Herald (front page) ' Hunter health bill 600m say doctors - The Land Australian Policy Online  


UN climate report warns of severe, irreversible impact ABC Radio National Breakfast's Fran Kelly interviews Dr Liz Hanna on the release of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Synthesis Report from its Fifth Assessment, which says that climate change will lead to 'severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts' on our world if left unchecked. Health and climate change - Life Matters - ABC Radio National

Dr Liz Hanna, CAHA President and Epidemiologist at ANU and Nick Watts, President of the Global Climate and Health Alliance and Project Leader of the UCL-Lancet Commission warn that climate change is a global threat to health with more extreme weather, intense heat, reduced food supply and diseases spreading to new environments.

Hot and bothered: our health under climate change by Bianca Nogrady Dr Liz Hanna, CAHA President, features in this ABC Environment article: Climate change is not just something that happens to the Great Barrier Reef or Pacific Islands. The health of ordinary Australians may suffer as the temperature rises.


Climate change to cause significant loss of life: health research and policy forum - report on CAHA Forum in Cranaplus Magazine. The heat is on by CAHA President Liz Hanna in the New Zealand Herald Climate change adaptation: a mismanaged delusion by Fiona Armstrong on Croakey Where is the leadership on health research and climate change? By CAHA Board Members Elizabeth Haworth, Brad Farrant and Fiona Armstrong on Croakey Your MP doesn't believe' in climate change? Ask the tough questions By CAHA Board members Brad Farrant, Fiona Armstrong with Karen Kiang and Mark Edwards on The Conversation Your MP won't act on climate change? Ask the tough questions By CAHA Board member Brad Farrant and Mark Edwards on The Conversation No evidence that wind turbines cause vibroacoustic disease: article in ABC Online The World Today featuring research by CAHA expert advisory committee member Professor Simon Chapman


Health impact of rising carbon levels said to be costing $6ba year Sydney Morning Herald Carbon tax will cut health bill: expert Herald Sun Australia's fossil fuel sickness Climate Spectator Health budget benefit from emissions cut BigPond News all 96 news articles related to the release of CAHA and The Climate Institute report Our Uncashed Dividend »

Fourth Newcastle coal loader a public health menace, says forum

Green Left Weekly €“ 23 August 2012 Hospitals act to cut dangerous waste Barossa & Light Herald €“ 22 August 2012 Help create an online publication covering climate change and health Crikey (blog) - 6 Aug 2012 'Sick of Coal' public meeting Newcastle Star €“ 21 August 2012 Climate talks in St Albans Brimbank Leader - 25 Jul 2012 Climate Commissioners Professor Lesley Hughes, Professor Tim Flannery , Western Health CEO Kathryn Cook, and Fiona Armstrong, Convenor, Climate and Health Alliance.    

Carbon tax will cut health bill: expert

Herald Sun - Aug 14, 2012
A LEADING population health expert says politicians should embrace the benefits of tackling dangerous climate change instead of attacking the Gillard government's controversial carbon tax. Tony McMichael, from Australian National University's College of ...
Health impact of rising carbon levels said to be costing $6 billion a year
The Age - Aug 13, 2012
FOSSIL fuel use generates death and disease costing Australia $6 billion a year, yet the health benefits of cutting carbon dioxide emissions have been overlooked, a report by climate groups says. The Climate and Health Alliance and the Climate Institute ...
Climate Spectator - Aug 14, 2012 Don't tell 'em it's good for 'em or they'll eat it by the boxful. While our politicians remain embroiled in a toxic battle over carbon laws, the health and productivity benefits of climate actions have been ignored. Yet research from around the world strongly ...
Coal Based Electricity Generation Costing Australians Big
Energy Matters - Aug 14, 2012
Coal Based Electricity Generation Costing Australians Big. by Energy Matters. Coal Power And Health in Australia Rising electricity prices aren't the only financial sting associated with Australia's current power generation status quo.
Need to Work on Reducing Climate Change for Better Health, Says Report
NewsPoint Africa - Aug 14, 2012
Login or register to post comments. Need to Work on Reducing Climate Change for Better Health, Says Report. A recent report has proclaimed that by paying greater attention to cleaner energy and transport, Australia can reduce health sector expenditure.
Report Highlights Health Consequences Due To Fossil Fuels
TopNews New Zealand - Aug 14, 2012
Findings in a recent report put forth by climate groups have tried to highlight the negative effects produced due to the use of fossil fuels, which is majorly not considered as important despite Australian government spending $6 billion a year due to the health ...

Tackling Climate Change can help In Reducing Hospitalizations, says Report

TopNews United States - Aug 14, 2012
Tackling Climate Change can help In Reducing Hospitalizations, says Report.

Cycle to aid earth and health

The Sunshine Coast Daily - Aug 14, 2012
"LOW carbon" behaviour, such as cycling to work, can be better for Australian's health than higher carbon intensive activities, a report by the Climate and Health Alliance said on Tuesday.

Our Uncashed Dividend: The health benefits of climate action - Aug 13, 2012
This report draws together a large and growing body of evidence from health and medical research showing substantial health benefits linked to measures to cut emissions. Actions that cut carbon pollution can improve Australians' health and could save billions of dollars each year.

Health budget benefit from emissions cut

BigPond News - Aug 13, 2012
Shifting to cleaner energy and transport could save the Australian community $6 billion a year in health costs, a new report suggests. A review of recent studies, released on Tuesday, suggests coal-fired power in Australia costs the community $2.6 billion..

Australia's fossil fuel sickness

Climate Spectator - Aug 13, 2012
The Climate Institute and the Climate and Health Alliance have released a briefing paper today outlining how actions that can cut carbon pollution could also deliver billions of dollars in health benefits.


Health leaders call for urgent action on climate

United Business Media 7 December 2011

International health leaders in Durban for the global climate talks have called on negotiators to push for the most ambitious commitments possible, warning that the direction of current negotiations risks the lives of billions of people around the globe. Over 200 leaders from more than 30 countries have issued a Declaration and Call to Action following a Global Climate and Health Summit. "No one is immune from the health impacts of climate change; people in developed and developing nations are all at risk," said Dr Hugh Montgomery from Climate and Health Council, UK. "Without bold action by governments, climate change will magnify existing health crises," said Dr Rajendra Naidoo, from Nelson R. Mandela Medical School in Durban. Doctors, nurses, public health experts, health and medical scientists, medical students, and health officials from major international health organizations are meeting in Durban to try and influence negotiations by raising awareness about the health risks of climate change and the health benefits of climate action. "Strong climate policy is an investment in people's health," said Fiona Armstrong of the Climate and Health Alliance, Australia. Read more here. Health groups prescribe hydration for Murray€“Darling communities ECOS Magazine 29 August 2011 An alliance of health groups, formed to raise the profile of climate change effects on broader community well-being, has backed calls for recommendations on the long-term water needs of the Murray€“Darling Basin to be heeded. The Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), a coalition of more than twenty established rural and metropolitan organisations from across the country, recently joined Voices for the Murray€“Darling', an initiative of concerned Basin and metropolitan groups and community members calling for the restoration of environmental flows recommended by scientific assessments. Read more here. Bligh cries foul over carbon tax cash for Victoria The Age, 22 July 2011 QUEENSLAND Premier Anna Bligh is demanding the Gillard government give her state a better deal on the carbon tax, saying Queenslanders won't ''sit by'' while Victorian power generators win all the compensation. As Ms Bligh stepped up the pressure, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu was on the attack, claiming the carbon plan would cost the state's hospitals about $13.5 million a year in extra energy bills, rising to more than $20 million by 2020. But the Climate and Health Alliance, representing 20 health groups, backed the carbon price, saying the effects of climate change would outstrip its impact on the hospital system. Spokeswoman Fiona Armstrong cited Victorian Health Department figures showing that a record-breaking heatwave in January 2009 led to an eight-fold increase in people with heat stress needing emergency care, while the death rate jumped by 62 per cent. ''The carbon pricing package €¦ represents an important first step in developing a responsible climate policy for Australia, and is itself an important health measure,'' she said. Read more here. So the carbon price means climate policy is sorted, right? Wrong€¦

Croakey 11 July 2011

CAHA Convenor, Fiona Armstrong writes: €œThe announcement this week that agreement has been reached to pass the first significant piece of national climate policy has been a good news story for the government and generated a modest sense of victory among climate action advocates. €œBut among all the relief, enthusiasm and general disbelief that the Australian parliament could actually agree on something so sensible as a committment to reducing emissions, it is useful to remind ourselves why we are doing this, what the end goal is, and where we are on the journey so far." Read more here» We will be better off with a price on carbon - PHAA Intouch Magazine Network News, Australian Women's Health Network, February 2011 An overview of Climate and Health Alliance advocacy for policy action - read more here. Update, Australian Health Promotion Association, December 2010 An overview of CAHA activities and aims appeared in the AHPA newsletter - you can read it here.

Partyline, November 2010

New alliance for climate action

The Climate and Health Alliance outlines its call for a national taskforce to address the health effects of climate change as well as the need for a new energy supply system.

Croakey, September 2, 2010

Hearing from the new Climate and Health Alliance

The Climate and Health Alliance was recently button-holed and asked to make an €œunconference€� presentation at the New News Conference at the Melbourne Writer's Festival.

Croakey, May 26, 2010

Do we need a €œGreen Health Alliance€�?

Melissa Sweet from Croakey published the original proposal for CAHA, first circulated among health care stakeholders in May 2010 as a proposal to establish a €œGreen Health Alliance€�.